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The flying saucer went down in the Bay of Naples, I was part of the recovery team
The mini-sub took us down right to the door, we entered and what did we see
Women in glass tubes hangin' on the wall, naked and in deep freeze
Nobody else in that big dark room, the lights were glowin' blue and green
A robot dog pops out of a hole in the floor, lightning bolts from his eyes
He got two of us but Sue and I escaped, went swimming to the sky
And it's a Roman holiday, a Roman holiday, yeah yeah a Roman Holiday

We made it to the far shore but we were out of breath, we were tired and we fell to the sand
Surrounded by men in skirts with swords and shields and words we could not understand
Roman soldiers fresh from the ancient world, women children and slaves
Everybody run to the boats and ships, goin' crazy to get away
A thundercloud erupting from the mountaintop, lava rocks in the sky
It's rainin' hot ash and sparks and flamin' death and no one wants to die
And it's a Roman holiday, a Roman holiday yeah yeah a Roman Holiday

We climb on board a ship that's sailing back to Rome but someone pushed me right over the side
From way down deep below I saw a green glow, I swam down with all of my might
That ole UFO was sure risin' slow and I woke up inside
The robot dog wags his tail at me, wants me to take him for a ride
I pat him on the head and I take the controls, just like my Chevrolet
I step on the gas and then away we go, we're flyin' in outer space
And it's a Roman holiday, a Roman holiday yeah yeah a Roman Holiday